Our Industrial Repair Products are Cost-effective!

Road Fissure Repair - A revolutionary high performance, cold applied, one component horizontal crack and joint sealer specifically designed to fix cracks/gaps appearing on streets, highways, bridges and airports etc. More Details

YLB COLD MIX For Potholes - Pothole Repair asphalt mixing agent Product based on asphalt with polymer materials and chemical additives. Mix-n-use and immediate return to traffic.

YJL Spider Crack Repair - Cold application for irregular cracks/gaps (spider cracking). High performance liquid asphalt with polymers. Resistant to high and low temperature fluctuations. Curing time of 30 mins.

Emission Absorbing Pavement - Asphalt mix design that incorporates agents which will absorb 90% of exhaust emissions (co₂, so₂ etc).